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The pattern can be put onto glass by hand-pump or by computer.

The colours are applied later.

The resins and colours are left to cure naturally.

Dispensing Resins

The glass resins supplied by 'Decorative Resins International' can be used in association with this 'easy-to-use' machinary to produce sophisticated decorative designs.

Lead Outlines:

Uncoloured Glass

A proprietary blend of acrylic resins.

It fuses onto the glass creating superior bonding strength. It maintains outstanding durability and resistance to weather deterioration or other destructive elements.

Resin lead is designed to simulate the appearance of the traditional lead. It renders a high build profile and a glossy finish. It is available in range of colors: Black, White, Antique, Gray, Silver, Copper, Gold, Clear.

Colour Resins:

Resin Stained Glass

A unique blend of high density organic pigments combined with a specially formulated acrylic base.

The resins can be used on glass as well as on ceramics, wood, metals, and most plastics.

Colors are permanent, maintain excellent durability, chemical resistance and light fastness - UV stability.

Concentrated Pigments:

The concentrated colour pigments available in ten basic colors, three metallic, and nine "glow" fluorescent colors (very effective with black light).

Because all pigments are inter-mixable the color spectrum is infinitive. Additional mixtures are available to create texture effects i.e: marble, cracked ice, sandblast, antique.